WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_radiotap_t Struct Reference

The Radiotap header pre-amble. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t it_version
 Radiotap version. More...
uint8_t it_pad
 Padding for natural alignment. More...
uint16_t it_len
 Length in bytes of the entire Radiotap header. More...
uint32_t it_present
 Which Radiotap fields are present. More...

Detailed Description

The Radiotap header pre-amble.

All Radiotap headers start with this pre-amble, followed by the fields specified in the it_present bitmask. If bit 31 of it_present is set, then another bitmask follows.

All of the radiotap data fields are in little-endian byte-order.

Field Documentation

uint16_t libtrace_radiotap_t::it_len

Length in bytes of the entire Radiotap header.

uint8_t libtrace_radiotap_t::it_pad

Padding for natural alignment.

uint32_t libtrace_radiotap_t::it_present

Which Radiotap fields are present.

uint8_t libtrace_radiotap_t::it_version

Radiotap version.

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