WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t Struct Reference

OSPFv2 Hello Packet. More...

Collaboration diagram for libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t:

Data Fields

struct in_addr mask
 Network mask for this interface. More...
uint16_t interval
 Interval between Hello packets (secs) More...
libtrace_ospf_options_t hello_options
 Options. More...
uint8_t priority
 Router Priority. More...
uint32_t deadint
 Interval before declaring a router down. More...
struct in_addr designated
 Designated router for the network. More...
struct in_addr backup
 Backup designated router. More...

Detailed Description

OSPFv2 Hello Packet.

Field Documentation

struct in_addr libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::backup

Backup designated router.

uint32_t libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::deadint

Interval before declaring a router down.

struct in_addr libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::designated

Designated router for the network.

libtrace_ospf_options_t libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::hello_options


uint16_t libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::interval

Interval between Hello packets (secs)

struct in_addr libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::mask

Network mask for this interface.

uint8_t libtrace_ospf_hello_v2_t::priority

Router Priority.

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