WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_ip6 Struct Reference

Generic IPv6 header structure. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t flow
 Flow label. More...
uint16_t plen
 Payload length. More...
uint8_t nxt
 Next header. More...
uint8_t hlim
 Hop limit. More...
struct in6_addr ip_src
 Source address. More...
struct in6_addr ip_dst
 Destination address. More...

Detailed Description

Generic IPv6 header structure.

The flow label field also includes the Version and Traffic Class fields, because we haven't figured out a nice way to deal with fields crossing byte boundaries on both Big and Little Endian machines

Field Documentation

uint32_t libtrace_ip6::flow

Flow label.

uint8_t libtrace_ip6::hlim

Hop limit.

struct in6_addr libtrace_ip6::ip_dst

Destination address.

Referenced by trace_get_destination_address().

struct in6_addr libtrace_ip6::ip_src

Source address.

Referenced by trace_get_source_address().

uint8_t libtrace_ip6::nxt
uint16_t libtrace_ip6::plen

Payload length.

Referenced by trace_get_payload_length().

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