WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_ip Struct Reference

Generic IP header structure. More...

Data Fields

LT_BITFIELD8 ip_hl:4
 Header Length. More...
 Version. More...
uint8_t ip_tos
 Type of Service. More...
uint16_t ip_len
 Total Length. More...
int16_t ip_id
 Identification. More...
uint16_t ip_off
 IP Fragment offset (and flags) More...
uint8_t ip_ttl
 Time to Live. More...
uint8_t ip_p
 Protocol. More...
uint16_t ip_sum
 Checksum. More...
struct in_addr ip_src
 Source Address. More...
struct in_addr ip_dst
 Destination Address. More...

Detailed Description

Generic IP header structure.

Field Documentation

struct in_addr libtrace_ip::ip_dst

Destination Address.

Referenced by trace_get_destination_address().

LT_BITFIELD8 libtrace_ip::ip_hl
int16_t libtrace_ip::ip_id


uint16_t libtrace_ip::ip_len

Total Length.

Referenced by trace_get_payload_length().

uint16_t libtrace_ip::ip_off

IP Fragment offset (and flags)

Referenced by trace_get_fragment_offset(), and trace_get_payload_from_ip().

struct in_addr libtrace_ip::ip_src

Source Address.

Referenced by trace_get_source_address().

uint16_t libtrace_ip::ip_sum


Referenced by trace_checksum_layer3().

uint8_t libtrace_ip::ip_tos

Type of Service.

uint8_t libtrace_ip::ip_ttl

Time to Live.

LT_BITFIELD8 libtrace_ip::ip_v


Referenced by trace_get_payload_from_ip().

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