WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_icmp Struct Reference

Generic ICMP header structure. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t type
 Message Type. More...
uint8_t code
 Type Sub-code. More...
uint16_t checksum
 Checksum. More...
union {
   struct {
      uint16_t   id
 ID of the Echo request. More...
      uint16_t   sequence
 Sequence number of the Echo request. More...
   }   echo
 Echo Datagram. More...
   uint32_t   gateway
 Gateway Address. More...
   struct {
      uint16_t   unused
 Unused. More...
      uint16_t   mtu
 Next-hop MTU. More...
   }   frag
 Path MTU Discovery. More...
 Union for Payloads of Various ICMP Codes. More...

Detailed Description

Generic ICMP header structure.

Field Documentation

uint16_t libtrace_icmp::checksum


Referenced by trace_checksum_transport().

uint8_t libtrace_icmp::code

Type Sub-code.

struct { ... } libtrace_icmp::echo

Echo Datagram.

struct { ... } libtrace_icmp::frag

Path MTU Discovery.

uint32_t libtrace_icmp::gateway

Gateway Address.

uint16_t libtrace_icmp::id

ID of the Echo request.

uint16_t libtrace_icmp::mtu

Next-hop MTU.

uint16_t libtrace_icmp::sequence

Sequence number of the Echo request.

uint8_t libtrace_icmp::type

Message Type.

union { ... } libtrace_icmp::un

Union for Payloads of Various ICMP Codes.

uint16_t libtrace_icmp::unused


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