WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_atm_nni_cell Struct Reference

ATM Network Node/Network Interface (NNI) Cell. More...

Data Fields

LT_BITFIELD32 vpi:12
 Virtual Path Identifier. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 vci:16
 Virtual Channel Identifier. More...
 Payload Type. More...
 Cell Loss Priority. More...
 Header Error Control. More...

Detailed Description

ATM Network Node/Network Interface (NNI) Cell.

Field Documentation

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_cell::clp

Cell Loss Priority.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_cell::hec

Header Error Control.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_cell::pt

Payload Type.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_cell::vci

Virtual Channel Identifier.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_cell::vpi

Virtual Path Identifier.

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