WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell Struct Reference

Captured NNI cell. More...

Data Fields

LT_BITFIELD32 vpi:12
 Virtual Path Identifier. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 vci:16
 Virtual Channel Identifier. More...
 Payload Type. More...
 Cell Loss Priority. More...
 Header Error Control. More...

Detailed Description

Captured NNI cell.

Endace don't capture the HEC, presumably to keep alignment. This version of the libtrace_atm_nni_cell is used when dealing with DAG captures of nni cells.

Field Documentation

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell::clp

Cell Loss Priority.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell::hec

Header Error Control.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell::pt

Payload Type.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell::vci

Virtual Channel Identifier.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_atm_nni_capture_cell::vpi

Virtual Path Identifier.

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