WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
libtrace_80211_t Struct Reference

802.11 header More...

Data Fields

LT_BITFIELD32 protocol:2
 Protocol Version. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 type:2
 Frame Type. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 subtype:4
 Frame Subtype. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 to_ds:1
 Packet to Distribution Service. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 from_ds:1
 Packet from Distribution Service. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 more_frag:1
 Packet has more fragments. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 retry:1
 Packet is a retry. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 power:1
 Power Management mode. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 more_data:1
 More data is buffered at station. More...
 WEP encryption indicator. More...
LT_BITFIELD32 order:1
 Strictly-Ordered class indicator. More...
uint16_t duration
 Duration value for NAV calculation. More...
uint8_t mac1 [6]
 MAC Address 1. More...
uint8_t mac2 [6]
 MAC Address 2. More...
uint8_t mac3 [6]
 MAC Address 3. More...
uint16_t SeqCtl
 Sequence Control. More...
uint8_t mac4 [6]
 MAC Address 4. More...

Detailed Description

802.11 header

Field Documentation

uint16_t libtrace_80211_t::duration

Duration value for NAV calculation.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::from_ds

Packet from Distribution Service.

uint8_t libtrace_80211_t::mac1[6]

MAC Address 1.

Referenced by trace_get_destination_mac().

uint8_t libtrace_80211_t::mac2[6]

MAC Address 2.

uint8_t libtrace_80211_t::mac3[6]

MAC Address 3.

uint8_t libtrace_80211_t::mac4[6]

MAC Address 4.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::more_data

More data is buffered at station.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::more_frag

Packet has more fragments.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::order

Strictly-Ordered class indicator.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::power

Power Management mode.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::protocol

Protocol Version.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::retry

Packet is a retry.

uint16_t libtrace_80211_t::SeqCtl

Sequence Control.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::subtype

Frame Subtype.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::to_ds

Packet to Distribution Service.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::type

Frame Type.

LT_BITFIELD32 libtrace_80211_t::wep

WEP encryption indicator.

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