WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 dagformat.hHeader file containing definitions required to process DAG / ERF traces
 daglegacy.hHeader file describing the framing formats used by old legacy DAG implementations
 erftypes.hHeader file containing all the possible GPP record types
 format_erf.hHeader file defining functions that apply to all libtrace formats that use the ERF record format, e.g
 format_helper.hHeader file containing prototypes for functions that are useful for multiple format modules
 libtrace.hTrace file processing library header
 libtrace_int.hHeader file containing definitions for structures and functions that are internal
 libtrace_parallel.hHeader file containing definitions for structures and functions related to the parallel framework
 lt_bswap.hHeader file containing definitions of functions and macros that deal with byteswapping within libtrace and libpacketdump
 lt_inttypes.hHeader that provides local definitions of the various format identifiers used for printing various numeric types
 protocols.hProtocol access functions that have not yet been made available through the external API
 rt_protocol.hHeader file containing definitions specific to the RT protocol that can be used to transport captured packets over a network connection