WAND Trace processing  4.0.5
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Caal5_recGPP Type 4
 Catm_recGPP Type 3
 CatmhdrATM cell header capture, a la Auckland VII
 Cdag_recordGPP Global type
 Cduck2_4Specifications of duck structures - duck2_4 and duck2_5 match Endace's duck_inf and duckinf_t respectively
 Cduck2_5DAG 2.5 DUCK
 Ceth_recGPP Type 2
 Cfifo_infoFifo statistics reported by the RT_STATUS message
 Cfirst_packetsStorage to note time value against each
 Clegacy_cellLegacy ATM cell header
 Clegacy_etherLegacy Ethernet header
 Clegacy_nzixLegacy header format used for capturing the NZIX-I trace set
 Clegacy_posLegacy Packet-over-SONET header
 Clibtrace_80211_t802.11 header
 Clibtrace_8021q802.1Q frame
 Clibtrace_atm_capture_cellCaptured UNI cell
 Clibtrace_atm_cellATM User Network Interface (UNI) Cell
 Clibtrace_atm_nni_capture_cellCaptured NNI cell
 Clibtrace_atm_nni_cellATM Network Node/Network Interface (NNI) Cell
 Clibtrace_combineThe methods we use to combine the results from multiple processing threads into a single output
 Clibtrace_ether802.3 frame
 Clibtrace_event_status_tData about the most recent event from a trace file
 Clibtrace_eventobj_tStructure returned by libtrace_event explaining what the current event is
 Clibtrace_filter_tBPF not supported by this system, but we still need to define a structure for the filter
 Clibtrace_format_tA libtrace capture format module
 Clibtrace_generic_tA collection of types for convenience used in place of a simple void* to allow any type of data to be stored and passed around easily
 Clibtrace_gre_tLibtrace local definition of GRE (Generalised Routing Protocol) header RFC2890
 Clibtrace_icmpGeneric ICMP header structure
 Clibtrace_icmp6Generic ICMPv6 header structure
 Clibtrace_ipGeneric IP header structure
 Clibtrace_ip6Generic IPv6 header structure
 Clibtrace_ip6_extIPv6 header extension structure
 Clibtrace_ip6_fragIPv6 fragmentation header
 Clibtrace_llcsnapGeneric LLC/SNAP header structure
 Clibtrace_message_tStructure describing a message that can be sent to a libtrace thread
 Clibtrace_ospf_as_external_lsa_tOSPFv2 AS External LSA Body
 Clibtrace_ospf_db_desc_v2_tOSPFv2 Database Description packet
 Clibtrace_ospf_hello_v2_tOSPFv2 Hello Packet
 Clibtrace_ospf_link_tOSPFv2 Router Link structure
 Clibtrace_ospf_ls_req_tOSPF Link State Request Packet
 Clibtrace_ospf_ls_update_tOSPF Link State Update Packet
 Clibtrace_ospf_lsa_v2_tLSA Header for OSPFv2
 Clibtrace_ospf_network_lsa_tOSPFv2 Network LSA Body
 Clibtrace_ospf_options_tOptions Field present in some OSPFv2 packets
 Clibtrace_ospf_router_lsa_tOSPFv2 Router LSA
 Clibtrace_ospf_summary_lsaOSPFv2 Summary LSA Body
 Clibtrace_ospf_v2_tOSPF header
 Clibtrace_out_tA libtrace output trace
 Clibtrace_packet_tThe libtrace packet structure
 Clibtrace_pcapfile_pkt_hdr_tLocal definition of a PCAP header
 Clibtrace_pflog_header_tA local definition of a PFLOG header
 Clibtrace_pppPPP header
 Clibtrace_pppoePPPoE header
 Clibtrace_radiotap_tThe Radiotap header pre-amble
 Clibtrace_result_tStructure holding information about a result
 Clibtrace_sll_header_tA local definition of an SLL header
 Clibtrace_stat_tStatistic counters are cumulative from the time the trace is started
 Clibtrace_tA libtrace input trace
 Clibtrace_tcpGeneric TCP header structure
 Clibtrace_thread_tInformation of this thread
 Clibtrace_udpGeneric UDP header structure
 Clibtrace_vxlan_tLibtrace local definition of VXLAN Header (draft-mahalingam-dutt-dcops-vxlan)
 Cports_tPorts structure used to get the source and destination ports for transport protocols
 Cpos_recGPP Type 1
 Crt_ackRT Ack sub-header
 Crt_deny_connRT Denied Connection sub-header
 Crt_headerRT packet header
 Crt_helloRT Hello packet sub-header
 Crt_metadataRT meta-data sub-header
 Crt_statusRT Status sub-header
 Ctoeplitz_confToeplitz hashing - see microsoft rss code
 Ctrace_err_tLibtrace error information
 Cuser_configurationTuning the parallel sizes See the user documentation trace_set_x