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Libtcptools is a library that leverages libtrace to perform several useful TCP analysis tasks, including RTT estimation, classification of reordering events and bandwidth estimation.

The latest version is 1.0.1 - Released on 2009/11/29

All releases of libtcptools are licensed under the GPL v2.

Recent changes:

  • Increased size of timer queue to support traces with high flow rates.
  • Fixed bug where the queue sizes can wrap.
  • Fixed missing header files that were causing compilation errors on newer versions of gcc.


Libtcptools requires the following libraries:

Libtcptools has been developed and testing on the Linux operation system only. It may run on other Unix-based operating systems, but we cannot offer any guarantees that it will build or run successfully.


Basic usage instructions are included in the README that accompanies the source code. Additional detailed documentation can be found within the source code itself.


We are always interested in hearing feedback about software projects such as libtcptools. If you have any requests or comments, or wish to report a bug, please email contact@wand.net.nz