is-0 beta 0.9

is-0 is an Internet simulator. It is intended to to make the task of building a model of the Intneret from data collected by a topology measurement project (currently CAIDA's Arc infrastructure runnign Scamper) then simulating a protocol running on that topology easier.

This is very much a pre-release of the simulator. Documentation is in the doc/ directory.


***YOU CAN NOT BUILD THE C CODE FROM THE TOP LEVEL C DIRECTORY. To build the c code, go to a project directory within the c/ directory then run make. E.G. c/tr/. To run a set of simulations, consider using scripts/ You'll need to change the parameter set which is found in scripts/


Some known limitations:

Please get in touch!

If you do use (or try to use) the simulator PLEASE drop me an email: Also, if you have problems, please let me know that too. If people are really using it (or trying to) I'll be much more motivated to improve it!


See COPYING for the license.