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AMP is a system designed to continuously perform active network measurements between a mesh of specialist monitor machines, as well as to other targets of interest. These measurements are used to provide both a view of long-term network performance as well as to detect notable network events when they happen.

There are AMP monitors deployed at most universities in New Zealand, at major sites on the REANNZ network and at many New Zealand Internet Service Providers.

The AMP software originated at NLANR as part of the Active Measurement Project led by Tony McGregor. At the time, AMP was the largest and most widespread active measurement system. It was designed for high performance research and education networks, especially the US Internet2 networks and was deployed on networks in 11 countries, with approximately 140 measurement points worldwide. Since then, AMP has been developed and maintained by the WAND Network Research Group at the University of Waikato, who use it to measure the performance of New Zealand networks.

All the data collected by AMP is publicly available at amp.wand.net.nz.

AMP Tests

AMP has a number of tests built in to it that cover a variety of areas. Some of them are designed to measure raw network performance while others are aimed at specific pieces of network infrastructure. Some of these tests require that the destination host also be running the AMP software while others merely require that the service being tested is present and accepting the traffic from the monitor machine. Tests currently available include:

  • ICMP latency
  • TCP latency
  • UDP DNS latency
  • UDP traceroute
  • UDP jitter
  • TCP throughput
  • HTTP performance

Getting The Latest AMP Measurement Software

The amplet2 client software is now available for download on GitHub, or as prebuilt Debian packages from the AMP package repository (see installation instructions). The server software is also available for download on Github (nntsc, ampy, amp-web) or as prebuilt Debian packages. See the individual component documentation for more information on installation and configuration.

The older AMP software was previously available for download, but has not received updates for some time and is unfortunately no longer supported.


If you are interested in hosting an AMP monitor in your organisation then please get in touch. You can also suggest new targets that should be tested. If you have any other questions then please email contact@wand.net.nz.